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Senja in Troms is located about 69`degrees north above the Polar circle. Senja island is approx. 1586 square km large and is the second largest island (after Hinnøya). Approx. 7800 people live there, divided between the municipalities Berg, Torsken, Tranøy and parts of Lenvik.

Senja is accessible by car. Turn off the E6 in inner Troms, and from Finnsnes (on the mainland) is the bridge over Gisundet to Senja island. Finnsnes have a large bay with boat arrivals from Tromsø and Harstad. In the summer, Senja is related to Tromsø area in the northeast and Andenes in the west, with car ferries. Senjas mountains also contain interesting minerals such as nickel and graphite. Senja Nikkelverk got the world's first hydroelectric plants in 1882. You can drive around the island, and take detours. Accommodation in apartments, at campsites and in homes. In several places there are boats for hire.

Senja is Norway's second largest island and is situated in Troms county. Senja is also called a Norway in miniature. Senja has everything from lush pine forests to the most alpine peaks. On the outside cut fjords themselves into the landscape. On the inner side of the island is more peaceful land formations. Senjas highest peak is over 1,000 meters. This is Breidtinden. Otherwise, there are a lot of peaks that rise over between 700 to 900 meters. Most of these can easily be climbed in the summer. And most of them allow themselves to also be climbed in the winter on skis.


Berg is a small and viable municipality on the outer side of Senja. Exciting and secure childhood environments, which, together with a resilient and versatile business has created the basis for a settlement, job offers and job satisfaction. The wealth of the sea and the mountains have provided opportunities to the people who live here, and made Berg a commercial center on the far side! In mountain and fjord municipality of Berg is the abundant opportunities to experience a very varied and exciting nature. This is perhaps the council's biggest advantage in the tourism and leisure related worship.

With the ocean as a playground right outside the door, it is possible to experience fishing catches in the ultra-class, cod, pollock, halibut and salmon. Each fjord has its character, steep cliffs directly into the sea on the north side of Medfjorden, long sandy beach and flat fields under the towering peaks in Ersfjord, idyllic Steinfjord overlooking the ocean, and Bergfjord, with numerous islands, islets and reefs, idyllic bays and beaches, everything for everyone. The mountains rise to about 1,000 feet near the coast, and the surface more and more like rolling hills and mountain ranges when one approaches the inner parts of Senja.

Torsken municipality is located on the outer island of Senja, and has about 1100 inhabitants. The area is 246 km2. Gryllefjord is the capital, and is located as the other villages in the municipality, beautiful and dramatic at the foot of the high and steep mountains. Because of its location the major fishing grounds, the fisheries and the fishing industry a central place in the council's business. Long and deep fjords provides benefits from fish farming and fjord fishing.

Torsken is the most fishery-dependent municipality in Troms. Over 50% of the number of employees working in fishing, fish processing and farming operations. The largest company is Gryllefjord Freezing such as the production of white fish fillets, - the only one in Troms with continuous operation. Otherwise, there are 2 other conventional fisheries, 3 fish plant for the production of salmon and sea trout and 3 salmon slaughterhouses. The municipality has 140 registered fishing vessels. In Torsken there are many qualities of experiences and activities in a wide variety of nature, both on sea and land. The municipality is a paradise for those who are interested in hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.

Tranøy municipality with an area of 523 square kilometers and approx. 1800 inhabitants, lies on the southernmost part of Senja. The municipality has a beautiful landscape composed of mountains and valleys. Here you can fish in saltwater or freshwater, or enjoy nice walks in the beautiful landscape. The companies in Tranøy municipality consists of fishing, agriculture and tourism. Vangsvik is the administrative center, is located on the inner side of the northeast, while Skrolsvik is located in the southwest.

In between you find Rødsand and Stonglandseidet, Sollia and the Vesterfjell. Nature is very special with high wind-swept mountains, valleys clothed with woods and a long coastline. The island with the 1000 year old history is a beautiful gem in Senja. The culture is strong in Tranøy, with Ånderdalen national nature park as a natural starting point, with its wild and beautiful scenery that takes the breath away from most people. There are also many unusual museums in the municipality in which it also is a church from the 1200s.